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Returning 2022

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Course General Info

  • This is an in-person course that will meet on Mondays from 5:05 to 7: 35 pm – Room to be announced
  • You will lead a discussion on a topic during class – oral presentation. This topic is based on the readings.
  • You will present one of your lessons from your Final Project Unit.

Professor Teaching Course

Professor Janette Torres-Arroyo smiling.

Professor: J. Torres Arroyo
Email: Torres@brooklyn.cuny.edu
Alt-Email: JTorresArroyo@schools.nyc.gov
Google Voice: 201- 691-7248
Office Hours: 5-6 pm Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Course Learning Goals and Objectives

Students will understand and critique the varied philosophies, approaches, policies, and methods of teaching multi-lingual students while also engaging in the design and implementation of instructional materials that integrate content and language learning utilizing students’ rich linguistic diversity.

  1. To develop a critical understanding of multiple perspectives to challenge conventional narratives.  Students will understand various theoretical frameworks reflecting on their implications and practical consequences for Puerto Rican/Latinx, Caribbean, and/or Latin Americas.  Students will also be able to critiques concepts such as justice, rights, advocacy, and citizenship vis a vis Puerto Rican/Latinx communities, the Caribbean, and/or Latin America.
  2. To explore and develop leadership skills as it pertains to advocacy for all students, including Puerto Rican and Latinx communities.  Students will demonstrate leadership and/or mentorship skills by organizing and facilitating workshops, activities, and/or class sessions.

Course Description

Development of English as a new language for emergent bilinguals and Latin@s in bilingual programs.  Techniques for English oral language and literacy across content areas; first-and-second language acquisition and translanguaging theory application. Legal rights. Adapting teaching strategies and materials. Formative and summative assessments. Fieldwork.

Pre-requisites: English 1010 or permission of the chairperson.
Co-requisites: 28 hours of fieldwork.

Course themes

  • Best practices in teaching ELLs
  • Ways to approach reading instruction and structure lessons
  • Ways to teach academic language and navigate informational text
  • Strategies for learning ELLs background and engaging families